Acue Truss 30" X 30' Aluminum Box Truss Base

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This is our aluminum 30″ X 30″ base plate. All of our bases are compatible with our G34 box, G33 triangle, G32 I beam, & G31 single pole trusses, and are also compatible with most other name brand trusses. Comes with 2 cutout handles for easy transportation.

These aluminum bases are 10mm thick allowing for heavy weight tolerances and maximum strength and stability.

Our 30″ x 30″ Aluminum base plates are recommended for all lighting or production companies who build truss totems and structures above 6.56ft to ensure stable and safe support.

Additional weight may be necessary when building higher totems & structures with heavy loads.

The 30″x30″ Aluminum base plate comes in a polished aluminum finish and is made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

Our Aluminum base plates are perfect for both indoor and outdoor truss setups as the high grade aluminum can withstand the elements far better than steel.