Acue DMX 384 Flat Controller

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The 384W Slim Wireless DMX Lighting Controller is one of the most compact and powerful analog DMX control boards on the market. This controller has the ability to control 384 DMX channels wired or wirelessly. The 384W features a built in wireless DMX transmitter with multiple wireless DMX protocol outputs. It is compatible with most Wireless DMX equipped devices and fixtures. The DMX output protocol can be controlled using the digital display located next to the wireless DMX Antenna and has the ability to control 24 separate fixtures, outputting up to 16 channels of DMX each. The 384W has the ability to program multiple scenes, chases, and shows. It has multiple banks for storage and playback. You can play back up to 8 channels per bank and up to 6 chases per bank. The unit also features a “blackout” button allowing all DMX signal sent from the controller to turn off with a touch of a button. This control board also features options for automatic scene playback with fade time and speed control along with the ability to play back scenes and chases to audio using its built in microphone. The 384W comes with a power adapter and also features 2 USB 5v outputs to connect either a console light or charge your favorite USB devices. Lastly, the 384W also has the ability to output MIDI to any MIDI device as a remote control or trigger.