Mackie DRM315 2300W 15" 3-way Professional Powered Loudspeaker

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The Mackie DRM315 15” powered speaker combines performance and advanced technology. Its 2,300W Class-D amplifier and custom drivers are housed in a rugged wooden cabinet. The DRM315 3-way active speaker is great for DJs, musicians and other professionals. Its 15” woofer provides more bass response than the smaller DRM312 powered speaker. The 6.5” midrange driver produces clear vocal. High frequencies are crisp and pure thanks to a 1.4” titanium compression driver. With its precision crossovers, the DRM315 3-way powered speaker has smooth, articulate sound. Compared to the DRM215, it also provides a much higher SPL. Mackie designed the DRM315 to deliver sound typically found only in pro touring PA systems.

Advanced Technology
The Mackie DRM315 uses technology unlike other speakers in its category. With thoughtful use of Advanced Impulse DSP, this 15” speaker creates rich, clean audio. The DRM315 is able to spread its sound evenly across both vertical and horizontal planes. With its unique FIR filtering approach, this potent PA speaker gives consistent, clear, punchy sound. 

User-friendly Interface
The DRM315 leads its class with its innovative DRM Control Dashboard. This user-friendly interface uses a high-contrast color display on the rear panel. A single knob lets you access all of the DRM315’s settings. Customize the screen’s appearance with dimmer and contrast adjustments.

Unmatched Control

Mackie’s DRM315 active powered speaker offers a level of control that is unmatched in its class. The DRM Control Dashboard gives access to more parameters than competing speakers. Choose from a variety of voicing modes and fine-tune EQ settings. Save and recall up to six user presets for different venues and gigs. Set alignment delay control for delay stacks.

Built to Last
The DRM315 is made with premium materials. Its robust cabinet features 15 mm plywood and internal bracing. This improves durability as well as acoustics. The DRM315 also has a tour-grade textured coating to protect it from scrapes and dings from life on the road. Its heavy-duty steel grille is powder-coated. Mackie built the DRM315 for serious professional use, so it’s ready to take whatever you can dish out.
  • Full-range, 3-way speaker with 15" woofer
  • Class-D amplifier with 2,300W peak output
  • 18 mm plywood enclosure
  • Full-color LCD interface
  • Onboard DSP